Breast Augmentation

Personalized Treatment & Individual Care

Each woman has her own idea of the “perfect” breast size and shape for her body. It’s for this reason that Dr. Noury tailors every breast augmentation procedure to the goals and needs of the patient.

Breast augmentation surgery can:

  • Increase the size of your breasts in a natural-looking way.
  • Reshape the breasts and correct for asymmetry.
  • Restore your breasts to a more youthful appearance.

In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Noury, breast augmentation is a safe procedure with a high rate of patient satisfaction. The initial consultation is free, and the surgery is also relatively affordable.

Should You Have Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Greater Boston patients choose to have a breast augmentation for many personal reasons. Some women want to regain their appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Others want a fuller figure, the opportunity to wear different styles of clothing, or greater confidence in their appearance.

Whatever motivates you, Greater Boston Plastic Surgery wants you to enter your decision confidently and well-informed:

  • We invite you to start with a consultation at our practice. Dr. Noury will answer any questions you may have and help you understand what to expect before, during, and after breast augmentation.
  • During your consultation, take the opportunity to see, feel and even try on implant sizers. This can help you see how you might look after surgery without making any further commitment.
  • Talk with other women who have had breast augmentation. Several of our staff members have benefited from the surgery and will be glad to share their experience with you.

Choosing the Right Approach for Your Breast Augmentation

During your consultation and pre-operative discussions with Greater Boston Plastic Surgery, Dr. Noury will learn about your goals and make decisions collaboratively. He considers aesthetics, lifestyle, and body proportions in his surgical approach. These factors help him to recommend:

Breast Implants

  • Implant size.
  • Implant shape (low, moderate, or high profile).
  • Implant type (silicone gel, cohesive silicone gel, or saline).
  • Incision site (in the breast fold, peri-areolar, or in the armpit).
  • Implant placement (below or above the pectoral muscle).

Greater Boston’s breast augmentation expert Dr. Noury will take time to explain how each of the choices will improve your results and give you the most natural look and feel.

Breast augmentation (also known as breast enlargement or enhancement surgery) is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures. The procedure is indicated for patients that have not developed sufficient breast tissue. It is performed under general anesthesia (while the patient is safely asleep) as well as local anesthetic use to significantly lessen discomfort. Recovery after breast augmentation to most normal activities can be expected within a couple days with a return to more strenuous activity within 3 weeks. 
Breast augmentation can be performed using either saline or gel filled silicone implants. All breast implants have a silicone shell and differ in the above mentioned fill which can be chosen based on patient preference. The FDA has approved gel filled silicone implants since and is continuing to collect data assuring its safety.

Greater Boston Breast Augmentation Surgery and Recovery

Your procedure should take about an hour. Dr. Noury will follow the plan that you and he outline during your pre-surgical visits, making careful incisions and placing the implant. He will close your incisions with dissolvable sutures. Following the surgery, you will go home wearing a specialized supportive bra.

After resting for the first day, most patients only need medication to address discomfort for two days or so. Many resume daily activities with a week. You will most likely be able to return to your regular exercise routine after about 3-4 weeks.

Greater Boston Plastic Surgery will assist you throughout your recovery, and Dr. Noury and our staff will answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

Learn more about your options with breast augmentation. Contact Dr. Noury at Greater Boston Plastic Surgery to be seen in our Brighton, Northborough or Framingham offices for a free consultation at (508) 340-0070.


Breast Augmentation Methods

There are multiple ways to perform breast augmentation and each method is tailored specific to each patient at the time of consultation. The implants can be placed through various incisions in either a submuscular (below the muscle), a subfascial (below the covering of the muscle only) or a subglandular (above the muscle and below the gland) plane. The incision include a periareolar incision (hidden within the perimeter of the nipple and areola), an inframammary incision (within the breast fold) or through a transaxillary incision (placed within the axilla or armpit). All of these incisions heal nearly inconspicuously when performed in a meticulous fashion.